Share your passwords Post-Mortem

Ensure that your loved ones will have access to your vault when you are not here.

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Digital Legacy: A Growing Concern

In today’s digital age, we possess assets like email accounts, social media, and cryptocurrencies. But what happens to these digital footprints when we’re gone? The issue is more urgent than you may realize.

Traditional legal systems handle physical assets well, but often fall short with digital ones. The absence of a standardized process can lead to loss and confusion for your loved ones.

Some try to solve this by sharing passwords, but this compromises security and lacks controlled access. The need for a comprehensive solution isn’t a luxury; it’s a growing, universal concern.

For Those Who Want to Leave More Than Memories

Your legacy is more than just physical assets; it includes digital treasures like social media, blogs, and cryptocurrencies. These assets tell your story and should be preserved.

Traditional wills often neglect digital assets, leaving them vulnerable or inaccessible. The real issue is not just preserving these assets, but controlling who can access them securely.

GuardPass is for anyone who values their digital life and wants to secure it. If you’re concerned about your digital assets after you’re gone, GuardPass is your solution.


How Does It Work?

Once your passwords and secrets are stored in your vault, you pick who will become a guardian, and how many are needed to open the vault.

GuardPass application then creates special keys and distributes them to the appropriate guardians.

Designated guardians are key to securing your digital assets. They must consent to their roles, GuardPass technology ensures no single person can access your data alone.

If a guardian initiates the process to recover your assets, GuardPass will let you know. Your vault will only be opened if the required guardians have the keys and your preset conditions are met.

Still Skeptical?

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Are my secrets safe?

Absolutely! Our cutting-edge encryption ensures your passwords remain secure while waiting to be unlocked by your guardians.


Legal concerns?

GuardPass is like your digital safe where you leave your instructions. The legality of subsequent actions will be the responsibility of your Guardians.


Sharing passwords?

GuardPass offers controlled access, enhanced security, and real-time notifications, making it a more robust and secure solution than simply sharing passwords.


Who has access?

Access is granted only to your guardians, provided they all agree, and only after a safety period that you’ve designated, allowing you time to interrupt their request if necessary.


Create as many vaults as you want for just:

99 €

Your initial payment of 99 € covers a full year of uninterrupted service. Following the inaugural year, an annual maintenance fee of 19 € will apply.


  • check-icon One year service
  • check-icon Unlimited vaults
  • check-icon Unlimited Guardians
  • check-icon Top-tier cloud storage
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